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How it Works: Bluetooth Technology

How it Works: Bluetooth Technology

Through Bluetooth technology, users can exchange data and voice transmissions between two or more electronic devices, provided all the communicating devices have the proximity of each other. One can use the Bluetooth technology in numerous ways, including making a hands-free Bluetooth earpiece to a cell phone to allow for making calls while driving, connecting computer and Bluetooth printer among other applications.

How it works: Bluetooth technology

However, before you can enjoy the benefits of Bluetooth technology, understanding how it works is important. For instance, it is worth noting that Bluetooth technology allows devices to communicate wirelessly and these devices need to be within a diameter of 30 feet.

Also, for devices to interact through Bluetooth, they are required to be compatible. Even though Bluetooth technology has been around for about 20 years, not all electronic devices in the market are Bluetooth compatible. Most desktop computers are a good example of such devices. To make them Bluetooth compatible, you need to buy a Bluetooth dongle and install it to allow for Bluetooth connectivity. However, almost all wireless devices are Bluetooth-compatible.

You also need to understand your Bluetooth device’s capabilities. Some devices such as smartphones allow for making calls and transferring files through Bluetooth. You can, therefore, review your device manual to learn its functional capabilities.

Device pairing and data transmission

Besides establishing device compatibility, using Bluetooth technology requires the devices to pair. In simple words, pairing refers to the wireless connection of devices involved in the communication. The pairing between two devices only happens once, and subsequent connections don’t require pairing, and therefore will happen automatically.

After pairing of the devices, it’s now possible to share data through a bluetooth. But remember, you can only connect a maximum of seven Bluetooth devices simultaneously – according to Bluetooth specifications. However, many Bluetooth users say three or four devices is the practical number of devices that can be in a simultaneous Bluetooth connection.

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