Sunday Sep 25, 2022

How to Use S-k-y-p-e to Improve Customer Service

Since its official release in August 2003, S-k-y-p-e grew to an intuitive telecommunication service that facilitates voice and video calls. It gained millions of users from across the globe due to its easy-to-use features. Here is how businesses of all sizes use S-k-y-p-e to improve customer service.

1. Provide Personalized Customer Experiences

The S-k-y-p-e for Business platform makes it easy for businesses to unify all their customer contact points. The platform can handle voice and video conferencing perfectly without compromising on the customer experience. It lets customer support teams attend to every customer depending on their queries and needs.

2. Respond to Queries in Time

Customer support teams for both small and large businesses usually aim to respond to customers’ queries promptly. With the S-k-y-p-e for Business platform, they can conveniently receive any incoming video or voice calls from the customers. They can also forward calls to relevant professionals who can handle the submitted queries and save time in the process.

3. Minimize Abandoned or Lost Calls

At times, customers have to wait for few minutes before the call center responds to their queries. Customer support staff may put them on hold when transferring their calls or attending to others who came before them. In this case, some customers may cancel the calls due to impatience. The S-k-y-p-e for a Business solution has tools that can help call centers fast track abandoned and lost calls for accountability purposes.

4. Use Multiple Channels to Handle Queries

Businesses can rely on a S-k-y-p-e for Business platform to handle queries through a multi-channel approach. For instance, when responding to a video or voice call, a customer care representative can send assistance to the caller via email or SMS at the same time. This approach helps to improve customer loyalty and experience.


Most businesses attribute their success to the video and voice calling services that S-k-y-p-e offers. For them to keep attracting more customers, they need to adopt the above approaches when handling S-k-y-p-e calls from customers. With time, their sales revenue will increase as they excel in customer service.

Katie Boyd

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