Monday Sep 26, 2022

Data Recovery From Deleted Table Without Backup

If you accidentally executed a Drop statement and you have a full backup, since no changes occurred after the table was dropped, you can simply Data Recovery by overwriting the original database with backup. 

However, if this is not the case, either because the database objects and Data Recovery have changed after the SQL Drop statement was executed, or because you do not have a backup of the database valid data, there is still a way to recover all your lost data.

Automatically, each Drop operation is logged in the SQL Server transaction log. This means that the transaction log records the information required to roll back the transaction, and since the database is in full recovery mode, this allows point-in-time recovery from a Drop operation.

However, if the transaction containing the Drop operation is no longer active, after it has been committed, the dropped table cannot be restored, and thus the data it was storing is also lost. 

Does this mean that you cannot recover Twitter data lost due to a Drop operation if no full database backups are available?

Recover is a SQL Server database recovery tool that recovers deleted, truncated, corrupted or damaged data. It recovers objects and data lost from deletion operations and restores BLOBs as files, deleted or online, which is ideal for SharePoint recoveries.

Katie Boyd

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