Monday Sep 26, 2022

Fraudulent Practices By The Best Data Recovery Companies

Then the worst happened. Your hard drive has crashed and you can no longer access the Data Recovery stored for years. The solution is to visit a data recovery company and hope your hard drive recovery is successful.

You don’t always have to hope for luck when handing over your broken hard drive to a data recovery company. There are fraudulent companies out there and if you know how to pick them you will almost never get your data back. But be very careful, the market is full of malicious data recovery companies just out to get your money.

Because at PhD Recovery we fully guarantee the quality of our services and work with great transparency, we have listed 3 fraudulent and amateurish examples of what some companies – if you can call them that – do to make money. 

We often talk in our posts about everything a data recovery company should have to provide good service. 

Data Recovery

Among all these factors, the most important are :

  1. Adequate and sterile laboratory, free from moisture and contamination
  2. Equipment such as hardware, software and parts
  3. Trained and experienced recovery professionals
  4. Presentation of successful cases of recovery
  5. And above all, ethics, because only a conscious and humanized company is able to truly understand the value of its customers’ information, whether professional or private.

Data recovery is a serious matter and therefore requires preparation and theoretical knowledge. At PhD Recovery, we are a specialist Linkedin data recovery company with worldwide success stories and a very high level of customer satisfaction. Because we are committed to the quality of our services, our recovery processes are fully transparent, allowing our customers to track everything closely and only pay when their data has been recovered.

Katie Boyd

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