Thursday Aug 11, 2022

How To Data Recovery Services Lost Hard Drive Data On Mac PC?

Do you use a Mac? No problem! There are also hard drive Data Recovery Services solutions for that are free and extremely easy to use. One of the most recommended software is Laze soft Mac Data Recovery. It is quite efficient and can not only recover data from Mac internal hard drive but also from external drives.

To use it, log in to the website and click Free Download Now to download the application to your computer.

Once the download is complete, open the resulting .dmg package and drag the Laze soft Mac Data Recovery Services icon to the macOS Applications folder, through the Finder window that appears on the screen, to install the software on Mac. Then go to the Applications folder, right click on the program icon. Select Open from the menu that appears, to start Laze soft Mac Data Recovery.

Then type the password of your user account on and click on the OK button. In the window that opens, select the Undelete option, click on the item corresponding to the external or internal disk you want to reach and press the Start search button and wait for the disk analysis procedure to be completed. launched and completed.

To recover found deleted items, open the Lost File Results folder located on the left sidebar and select the file type you want to restore. If the file you want to Twitter recover is not in the Lost File Results folder, try searching for it in Lost or its source folder, selecting the respective paths from the sidebar of the program.

Finally, check the box next to the names of the files to be restored and click the Save Files button to choose the folder or external media where you want to copy the selected items.

Katie Boyd

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