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How To Effectively Data Recovery Service For Your Phone

Data Recovery Service is not only frustrating but also a loss as you lose crucial data which you may not be able to recover that information again. These days, smartphones can be used to store contacts, videos, documents, email messages, and photos. You cannot afford to lose all that data that’s why it is imperative that you back up your data from your phone regularly and carefully.

This article provides you with insights on how to back up your Data Recovery Service effectively from your Smart Phone. 

Allow Google to back up your settings

With a Google account, your device can be configured to save various settings such as bookmarks, wireless network preferences and custom dictionary words to the Google servers. 

To enable the settings:

• Navigate to Settings click Personal then click on Backup and reset and choose Automatic restore.

• To activate or register your Google account Navigate to Settings click Personal then click on Account & Sync and then choose your Google account.

• Select all the options in the listed boxes to make sure that all required data is synced. 

Though this procedure may differ among different smartphones, the process is basically the same. 

Back Up Data Not Directly Synced By Google

Some data like SMS/MMS messages, alarms and playlists are not directly synced by Google and the best method to ensure that you store the data is using third-party software. 

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One of the best-preferred software is MyBackup Pro. This application allows users to secure backups to remote access servers such as automated scheduling and personal Twitter. This software is not free as it cost $4.99. You easily get the app by downloading it on Google Play Store. 

Back up videos, audios, and photos manually :

You can back up this important data from your smartphone to your computer. 

Transferring data from a smartphone to a computer you need to connect using a USB cable, where it will display as an external hard drive. For those using Macs, you are required to download and install Android File Transfer application for your smartphone but Click on the external disk and navigate to the audio and DCIM folder. Select the files that need to be copied to your computer and move them to a specific folder in your computer. 

Back up videos, music, and pictures automatically :

The manual process can be sometimes cumbersome. The alternative is to use third party software to copy data from your smartphone to your computer automatically. Air Sync application from Double Twist automatically and wireless syncs data between your smartphone and your computer. 

The Missing Sync software for Android is also preferred for wireless syncing of data although expensive compared to other services. In essence, to keep your data safe, you should follow the above guidelines that will help you store data effectively using online and computer services to be able to recover in the future. 

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